Throughout the school year, our students take part in many engaging “expeditions” as part of the Expeditionary Learning curriculum used in our full-day school.

An “expedition” is a unit of study involving research, group work, community outings, and a final presentation.

In culmination of all their hard work throughout the school year, Safe Passage students took part in an “Expedition Exhibition”.

Students stood by their stands, which included information they created about their expeditions. This included posters, drawings, models, pictures and even videos to help explain their projects.

Teachers, staff, family members and other students were invited. As they circulated throughout the exhibition and stopped each stand, students explained and presented in detail on their expedition.

An important aspect of Expeditionary Learning is the ability for students to be able to express themselves. It helps build their confidence, public speaking skills, and trust in one another. The Expedition Exhibition was a great tool to teach our students these and other presentation skills.

We look forward to seeing what our students will present next year!