On October 24th, we had our second ever Sponsor Day!

Hosted at the school, local Guatemalan sponsors were invited to come meet one another, learn more about the Sponsorship program, and visit with their students. We also had some sponsors from the US who were in attendance due to the Board Meeting.

A Guatemalan-American sponsor named Roy came to talk to the other sponsors about his experiences and why sponsorship and Safe Passage is so important to him.

Roy and his sponsored student

To quote Roy: “This project is personally very close to my heart particularly because back in 1968 I tried to close the garbage dump down. Of course, I failed miserably. But then Hanley happily happened some 30 years after I left Guatemala in 1969. Sponsoring a child at this point in my life is a redemption for me.”

Students performed songs, then everyone enjoyed a meal together.

Lotería was played which is a traditional bingo game in Guatemala and everyone had a lot of fun.

It was a wonderful experience for sponsors to learn more about the program, why sponsorship is so important, and to meet one another, staff, and their students.

We look forward to hosting our next Sponsor Day soon!

Learn more about our Sponsorship Program by visiting our Sponsorship webpage.