Safe Passage supporters live all around the world, united together with one common goal: helping our students in Guatemala City succeed.

After first learning about our story and Hanley Denning’s original vision, many people are touched and want to learn more. They might eventually travel down to Guatemala to meet our students and see our programming for themselves.

They might even sign up to join a week long Support Team, or volunteer their time and skills on a more long-term basis. Many sign up to become either a Hanley’s Helper or a Student Sponsor, further ensuring our students’ success.

Members of the US Safe Passage office will travel to various groups to share our Safe Passage story, so that people can learn about what it is we do and how they can help our mission.

In the past few months, both our US Director Anna Marie Klein Christie and our Deputy Director Rosie DiBella have traveled to various rotaries as well as schools and churches to present on the work of Safe Passage, and to share the latest updates from our operations in Guatemala.

Would you and your organization like to learn more about Safe Passage? Would you like to invite a staff member come and speak at your next meeting?

Contact our US office by calling 207-846-1188 or emailing to book a visit with our staff. We’re also available for tabling at various events throughout the New England area.

Thank you for helping us to spread the Safe Passage story – and to ensure our students’ continued success!