5 Safe Passage graduates were offered a chance for a brighter future when international telecommunications company TELUS awarded them with scholarships in August.

Executive Director Trae Holland (far left), Next Step coordinator Jayro Barahona (center), TELUS employee Rosy Flores (far right), with scholarship recipients (from left) Karla Sajche, Brendy Dieguez, Emely Zacarias, Pablo Ayapan, and Samuel Tocay

The scholarship program is called HOPE: Helping Our People through Education. HOPE is an 8 to 10 month-long life-changing program for students throughout Central America. Our student will be strengthening their English and other job skills while receiving a stipend from TELUS. At the end of the program, they will be offered roles within the company, enabling them to successfully support themselves in a job with dignity within the formal, technical sector.

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These 5 exceptional students were chosen from our Próximo Paso (Next Step) program. Próximo Paso guides Safe Passages graduates through the often daunting post-graduation world. Some of the initiatives of Próximo Paso include placing students in internships for real-world experience, assisting students with university applications, and helping students prepare for job interviews.

An important aspect of this program is building relationships with local Guatemalan partners including nonprofit organizations and private companies. We’re grateful for our partnerships with TELUS; with them, our students’ futures are a little brighter.