Members of the Board and Staff

Earlier this year, the Safe Passage Board of Directors, staff, and stakeholders developed a new strategic plan.

The main areas of focus included:

  • Mission
  • School and Programs
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Development
  • Data Analysis

Our three big ideas were:

  1. Achieving financial sustainability with improved planning, budgeting, and fundraising practices that foster accountability and expand, diversify, and better steward our revenue sources and donor base
  2. Right-size and right-focus our organization through sensible integration of programs and services that support the core educational mission, while fostering effective partnerships to complement our programs and scale our impact
  3. Become a success and results-driven school through a commitment to the collection of high-quality data, effective education for our students, and leadership decisions that are outcome-based and adapted to our community’s changing needs.

Continue reading here for our executive summary of the 2019 Strategic Plan.