Safe Passage sponsorship began with less than 40 sponsors in 2000. Today, nearly 500 sponsors from 20 countries sponsor 325 children and mothers at Safe Passage. Become a student sponsor today.

“These are my people. These are my children. This is my responsibility.” —Valentino, child sponsor

Our students and mothers come from the most impoverished communities in Guatemala City. Your sponsor support provides crucial resources to break the cycle of poverty:

Your gifts—and your care—give hope.


Sponsor a Student

You can be a positive role model for caring, respectful relationships—something many of our students do not have. Sponsors have the opportunity to watch their students grow and can encourage them along the way through correspondence.

“I could never forget the first day I met my sponsor. She is a role model for my life: how to live, how to share, how to respect, how to value oneself. She has helped me by giving me advice, supporting me, especially in school. She always wants to see my grades!” —Ingrid, sponsored student

Sponsor a Mother

When you sponsor a mother, you positively impact a child. Our mothers participate in Adult Education, Creamos social entrepreneurship, and weekend Family Nurturing classes to build self-esteem and promote education throughout the community.

What does student sponsorship cost?

When you add up the costs of all the services we provide for our students, the total spent per student is $3,000 per year, or $250 per month. Sponsors provide invaluable support by contributing to the cost of a student’s participation at Safe Passage.

Student sponsors contribute between $50 and $250 per month. Whatever amount you choose, you will make a difference in the lives of our students.

How does student sponsorship work?

  • We match our students with up to 4 sponsors—the more support for each student, the better!
  • Friends, families, community groups, and coworkers often sponsor a student together

“What started as a sponsorship has evolved over the past couple of years. I think of Nereyda and her family as an extension of our own.” —Maureen, student sponsor

You will receive 2 new photos of your student each year, a reminder that your gift is helping a student grow in Guatemala. We encourage you to correspond with your student as often as you like with letters, photos, and even personal visits. Cross-cultural relationships are extra-rewarding for our students and we are happy to help translate your communications.

“Sponsoring Noe changed my life because I now know someone else is counting on me…this is not just some child from a postcard.” —T.J., student sponsor


Are you ready to say to sponsorship?

¡Gracias! Our sponsorship team will guide you through the application process. They can be reached at sponsorship@safepassage.org or you can call our U.S. office at (207) 846-1188. You can also donate online today and we’ll contact you with additional details.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Feel free to get in touch with our U.S. office by phone at (207) 846-1188 or by writing to our Sponsorship Coordinator in Guatemala at sponsorship@safepassage.org

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