Our team of social workers (Family and Community Services) works hard to connect with and support our community members by listening to their stories and learning their needs.

“Social work is a way to get closer to people to and to serve them, and I believe we have to serve the people who are most in need.” – Brenda, Family and Community Services Director

At Safe Passage, we closely monitor student wellness because we know how much physical and mental health affects educational progress.

To start, students eat nourishing meals and receive medical care through our partner, Shared Beat, at our on-site infirmary. When advanced care is required, our social workers accompany students and families to local health centers for treatment.

Social workers also visit the public schools which our older half-day students attend. Following student academic, emotional, and social progress at home, school, and in the community helps us gain a better understanding of the best ways to support each student. Focused attention keeps our students happy, healthy, and on track to graduate.

“Seeing satisfaction on the faces of the people we serve, and watching them overcome obstacles is just one of our greatest achievements.”

Students face challenges that can make staying in school feel impossible:

  • Unstable family situations
  • Pressure to contribute to the family income
  • Under-qualified teachers at external public schools
  • Unplanned pregnancy or unexpected health issues

Our team of social workers and psychologists work together to give individualized support to our students. At Safe Passage, we meet the needs of the whole child, and we work to help our students and families receive the support they need.