“Sometimes I was sad because of the things that had happened in my life. But when I came here, everything changed. People are what make this a special place.”

Meet Mynor. Mynor started studying at Safe Passage in 2009 at age 18. Although he could only participate two days a week, he quickly became involved in various aspects of our program and found time to join our Saturday sports club.

Recognizing Mynor’s natural skills and leadership abilities, Safe Passage soon asked for his help with the soccer program. Under his guidance, our teams won several local tournaments — you can see the trophies in our main building!

“Physical education is more than just exercising, it is about providing students with a better quality of life. It gives them the opportunity to have fun while they learn,” Mynor says.

After he graduated high school in 2013 (at 22 years old), Mynor thought his time with Safe Passage had come to an end. He was happily surprised when he was asked to come back as a sports program staff! Five years later, Mynor is still here, sharing his story and guiding the physical and social development of our kids.

“I was practically formed inside the walls of Safe Passage. I had a great teacher, Seño Lili, and she is my coworker now. The fact that so many people are here to serve others without expecting anything in exchange amazes me. That is one of the best things I’ve found here.”

Both Mynor and his brother, Axel, graduated from Safe Passage and their mother, Bonifacia, is a member of our Adult Education Program. Read her story here.