Our innovative Expeditionary Learning (EL) model is flexible so that students are able to continue their learning during these challenging times. Teachers have adapted and assigned expeditions that integrate hand-ons activities and critical thinking skills — a hallmark of EL curriculum — that culminate in a final project. Here are just a few examples of work that has been submitted recently, illustrating the resourcefulness of our students.

Our 6th graders have been learning about conservation and the importance of butterflies to the environment in their Natural Science studies. This recent project focused on the parts of a butterfly, their care and culminated in students creating their own model butterfly gardens (pictured below). 


As homework packets are dispersed to students every other week (through our food/supply distribution process) we continue to have parents returning their student’s homework assignments to Safe Passage from the previous education packets. 

90% of students are completing and returning their homework from previous packets! We are so proud of their hard work and tenacity we are seeing from our students.

Moms returning students’ homework

Pictured below, 6th Grade Teachers assigned the project of creating their own 3D Cityscape. Students had to follow parameters given by each teacher, that related to topics being discussed in corresponding subjects that week. For example, they used Geometric Shapes that they were working on in Math to construct buildings.


The goal in this project was to create a piggy bank. They used a balloon as a base and attached newspaper with white glue to harden it. When they had it firm, they burst the balloon and created their own piggy bank. By working with paper and glue, students  practiced Fine Motor Skills, and by painting it like a bee, they highlighted the  importance of the bee to the environment (which they have also been learning about).



In this project (titled Diary of a Traveler), the 6th Graders worked on interpreting maps, discovering constellations, and learning about different countries and cities. They learned how folks traveled in ancient times and their Visual Arts activity focused on creating their own ship.








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