Craft development with Creamos: Jackie’s Story

Jackie is an artist who traveled to Guatemala in early 2019 to work with the mothers in our Creamos program. Under Jackie’s instruction, they created beautiful baskets out of recycled material. She recently shared her story with us. In the summer of 2018, I met Elsa Asturias while I was teaching at Snow Farm, a Read More »

Carlos & Leslie: How a mother and her son inspire each other

Unable to afford school tuition, Leslie started working in the garbage dump when she was eight years old. At age 18, she decided to change her life and entered Safe Passage’s Adult Education program as a first grade student. After years of night classes and long days working in the dump, Leslie earned a high school Read More »

Every day is an extraordinary adventure: Meet Volunteer Maria

Maria Fernanda came to Safe Passage by coincidence. At first, she did not know much about our program and she did not want to volunteer. What she did know was that she needed to spend a one month internship at a local organization to meet a volunteer requirement for school. More than one year later, Read More »

Faces of Safe Passage: meet Grecia

If you’ve visited the Safe Passage cafeteria in the last 8 years, you have most likely met Grecia. She’s rather hard to miss when she’s dancing around the kitchen with a great big smile on her face. More than that, Grecia is is wholly dedicated to Safe Passage. “I didn’t want to work for a Read More »

Student stories: Meet Samuel

Samuel is the oldest of five siblings. He started attending Safe Passage in 2001, at the small church where Hanley started our program in 1999. At Safe Passage, life was vibrant, supportive, and safe. At home, Samuel’s world was turning upside down. Just one year after he started school, Samuel had to leave. Samuel’s parents Read More »

New Year, New Knowledge : what we learn by working as a team at Safe Passage

The start of each school year brings many things that are new to Safe Passage. New students, new staff, new ideas—each a welcome addition to our diverse community. This year, there are several new things at Safe Passage that we’re especially excited to celebrate: we added 2 full-day fourth grade classes, bringing our full-day student Read More »

Playing for Peace, and Learning by Doing at Safe Passage

Our youngest students learn through play, as children do naturally, but what happens when we employ the same learning methodologies to a Safe Passage all-staff workshop? Starting the year with collaboration At the start of each new school year at Safe Passage, our new staff members join our seasoned staff members for training and workshops Read More »

Meet Matt, Safe Passage Director of Development/U.S. Director

There is a new face in Safe Passage’s Yarmouth, Maine Office. Matthew Wolcott is the newest member of the Safe Passage community, and our new Director of Development/U.S. Director. We sat down with Matt this week to ask him a few questions and are thrilled to share our interview transcript with you! In addition to Read More »

New Faces at Safe Passage U.S. Office

Safe Passage is proud to welcome two new faces, and to announce a promotion, in their Yarmouth, Maine office!   Nancy Thompson, Database & Capital Campaign Coordinator, supports an emerging capital campaign, and database needs of Safe Passage's continuous development and outreach programs. Thompson previously served as Maine Cancer Foundation’s Donor Relations Specialist and prior to that as Interim Director of Read More »

Then and Now: Juanita

Juanita Gaspar Tzalam is the manager of the bodega which processes and stores supplies here at Safe Passage. The project simply would not function so well without her! She organizes all the materials for the classrooms, the offices and all of the programs at Safe Passage; from pens and pencils, to planners and envelopes, spray Read More »