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Sponsors are vital partners in our mission to foster dignity and create opportunity through the power of education.  

Hear one sponsor's story of impact & change in the video below

Sponsors provide support in two key ways:
Financial support to offset program costs
Encouragement and love to help our students succeed

We offer two levels of sponsorship:
Shared sponsorship- $50 per month
Sole sponsorship- $200 per month in their

While the majority of our sponsors support children in our program, we also offer mother sponsorship. Click the link below to learn more. 

Child Sponsorship

Our students refer to their sponsors as padrinos, or godparents.  Ranging in age from 2 to 21, our students look to their sponsors as mentors and take comfort knowing that someone is invested in their well-being.  The Sponsorship Team organizes two program-wide communications to sponsors each year, and also helps students to respond individually to the letters they receive.  We encourage you to grow the relationship with your sponsor child by sharing a photo of your own family, sending cards to commemorate special occasions, or even visiting Guatemala to get to know him or her in person!

Learn about Mother Sponsorship

Sponsorship Level

Monthly Cost




2 communications each year

Translation of all correspondence

Opportunity for a long-term cross-cultural relationship

Sole Sponsorship


2 communications each year

Translation of all correspondence

Opportunity for a long-term cross-cultural relationship

Additional photos and updates throughout the year

*Children may have up to 4 sponsors who share the cost of a child’s program participation.  Sole sponsors provide for a child’s full needs and are that student’s only sponsor. 

Questions about sponsorship? 
Read our Sponsorship FAQs  (or Download as a PDF) or email

Want to sign up or need more info?
Email Rachel Schmitz Katyl, US office staff & Sponsorship Liaison at or call our US office 207-846-1188. 

To apply for sponsorship with online credit card payment, click here.

To apply for sponsorship with payment by ACH, check, or credit by phone, click here.

Still not sure if sponsorship is right for you? Continue reading to learn about another group of supporters - Safe Passage Partners.

Safe Passage Partners

Safe Passage Partners offer ongoing support to help us offer a variety of programs day after day to families in the poorest areas of Guatemala City.  Partners choose the amount of their monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring gift (we suggest a $10/month minimum).  Safe Passage Partnership is a great option for individuals who wish to sustain our work for the benefit of all participants and are not seeking the one-to-one relationship facilitated by sponsorship. Click here to enroll. To enroll by phone call our US office at 207-846-1188.