Mother and daughter duo Mindy and Kira have been long-time supporters and participants in the Safe Passage community. Kira is currently volunteering on the English team, and her mother Mindy has been the leader of multiple Support Teams over the years, including another one planned for July of 2019.

Additionally, they are the hosts of our annual Quinceañera, which is a wonderful way to support the young adults in our program.

Mindy recently visited Kira in Guatemala and they shared the following:

“When Kira was four she told me, “Mom we have to do something,” words that echoed Hanley’s, “We have work to do.”

Fifteen years and eight support teams later, we’re so grateful to have been a tiny part of this organization’s growth. It’s even more gratifying that Kira has been able to work with such an amazing group of affiliates and volunteers and continue the work.

We’re so glad volunteering with this amazing organization has been a family affair for us.”

And we’re so glad to have such great friends as Mindy and Kira!

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