Professional, skilled volunteers from anywhere in the world

Experience Guatemala whilst supporting our services so, through you, we can offer more to the community.

We have specific positions available in the program for skilled volunteers who can fill a gap in our services. Please take a moment to look at the different volunteer roles below to see if you would be a good fit. 

If you are interested in applying, please read our volunteer handbook before sending your resume and an introduction as to why you think you are right for the position to Sarah de Lemus at

We’ll review your application and be in touch as soon as possible.

Not sure which position suits you? Send us an email anyway and we’ll help you find the volunteer role for you! 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

General Volunteer Requirements:

  • Be 21 or older (please note, some of our summer school and virtual volunteering positions accept volunteers aged 18 or older so if you’re younger than 21, take a look at those roles).
  • Have a minimum intermediate level of Spanish language prior to volunteering (please note, some of our summer school and virtual volunteering positions accept volunteers with a lower level of Spanish, so, if you’re interested, take a look at those roles).
  • Be willing to commit to volunteering Monday to Friday and in some cases, Saturday morning.
  • Successfully complete the required background screening on acceptance.
  • Have medical or travel insurance, we ask that it includes emergency evacuation and that you consider choosing insurance that includes cover for Covid in case you are hospitalized, need medical support, a hotel stay or need to change your flight.

When can I start?
Safe Passage happily receives new volunteers the first and third Monday of each month. However, before then, we’ll have at least one call and many interactions with you to ensure you feel comfortable, prepared and ready to join us.


Costs of Volunteering
Volunteers are a vital part of our program, a fantastic source of skills and experience and we are so grateful that you want to be part of our story.

In general, we ask volunteers to dedicate a minimum of three months to the program although please check each volunteer role as it does vary, summer school volunteers, for example, will only be asked to dedicate a minimum of five weeks.

Volunteers also contribute part of the costs involved in the program and we pay the rest, allowing you to stay safe and focused on your work. If you decide to stay longer than six months, we’ll cover your volunteer costs as an extra thank you for your time.

If you have less time to offer, please look at our virtual volunteering opportunities or consider joining a support team.

** It’s as little as $4 a day for six months and completely free thereafter!

What’s included:
Below you can see everything that we include in this volunteer fee to keep you safe, secure and focused on your work:


  • All your pre-departure information and support getting yourself to Guatemala;
  • A program manual and volunteer handbook to get yourself ready for your dedication;
  • Your home-country background check is needed legally to volunteer with children

On Arrival:

  • Airport pick up on your arrival with a safe, known driver, and a safe drop off to your accommodation;
  • Your school uniform: two t-shirts and a lanyard to keep you safe in the community;
  • A welcome presentation, induction to the program and your position and tour of our project on day one;

During your stay:

  • A safe, secure, supportive working environment;
  • Safe, secure transport to and from the project every day from Milpas Altas;
  • Access to our onsite health clinic for any health issues; all contact with the clinic remains confidential;
  • Support from our department directors on everything to do with your role;
  • 24/7 support from our volunteer coordinator onsite and when in your homestay and support from the director of volunteering onsite;
  • Three cultural activities that help you connect with Guatemala and it’s traditions;
  • Monthly support meetings to keep you informed and help with any problems you may have;
  • A certificate and recommendation letter on completing your volunteer program;
  • The option of applying for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (US only) on completion.

What our fee doesn’t include:

  • Food and accommodation: We have trusted host families in Milpas Altas that we have vetted and can confidently recommend; however, your relationship with the host family is directly with them. You’re very welcome to source other accommodation in Milpas Altas with the understanding it’s your responsibility to get to the bus in the morning for school.
  • Flights: Your flight to and from the Guatemala at the beginning and end of your volunteer period;
  • Health insurance: You will need travel or health insurance to volunteer with us in case of any medical problems arising.

During the application process we will talk all this through with you; however, if you have any particular questions or doubts, do reach out to us at