Quinceañeras are held at Safe Passage every year for our students, young women who are turning 15 years old. We also celebrate with our young men, or Quinceaneros.

From the very beginning of the school year, Quinceaneras and Quinceaneros’ activities are planned out. It’s a four month long process which culminates in a big celebration at the end of July. During the four month long process, the intention is that our students not only have fun activities, but fun activities to help them grow both personally and professionally.

The program is run in collaboration with several key figures, including our Support Team and Volunteer coordinators, Executive Education Assistant, and our Director of Integral Health Services. And another key figure? Our Quinceañera Support Team from New York!

Last year for their community service, the Quinceaneras and Quinceaneros visited a local nursing home where the students helped in various ways, including chores such as washing chairs, cleaning the bedrooms, and folding clothes. They also spent time with the elders engaging in various activities and listening to them, helping both the elders and our students feel special.

At Safe Passage, we believe it’s important to instill in our students the values of giving back, and appreciate those who are in their community. The Quinceañera process does just that, and we are so proud of our students!