Meet Sindy, 26.

She’s currently a student in the 7th grade class in our Adult Education program. She’s been a student at Safe Passage for three years, and has been a Creamos participant for two years.

While her husband works in the dump as a garbage picker, many of Sindy’s family are students with Safe Passage: she has two daughters, one in the primary school and one in the preschool. Her two younger sisters are part of our half-day reinforcement program Oportunidades. And Sindy’s mom works alongside her in Creamos.

She loves learning how to sew with her friends in Creamos. She also really likes learning English and math, and hopes they’ll both help her in life.

If Safe Passage did not exist, Sindy imagines she’d probably be in the dump working alongside her husband and she wouldn’t be able to study. As for her daughters, Sindy doesn’t think they’d be able to study as long as they’re able to with Safe Passage.

Her hopes for the future are to keep working, learning, and to continue supporting her family. Her dreams are that her girls have a bigger, better future than hers.

At Safe Passage, no matter the age, we give students a strong foundation so that they are better prepared for life beyond the classroom.