Meet Pablo Callejas

Meet our Senior Director of Student & Community Services, Pablo Callejas. Pablo has been with Safe Passage for over 13 years. He heads up our Integrated Health Services Team, made up of 13 staff that provide psychology, healthcare, social work, and health education services to our 554 students. Pablo’s team also leads our Crianza con Cariño Program each year, a family nurturing course that all of our newly enrolled families take. 

“When you start to spend time with the students and their families, you become part of their history, part of their lives, and then, you just want to know how that story goes on. You want the opportunity to witness the strength that they have to overcome the challenges that they face. Safe Passage has allowed me to have a meaningful impact. 

Remember when you were little, and you had the desire to change the world? The desire is still there for me. To me Hope, Education, and Opportunity are a way to make dreams come true.”

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