Back to School in 2024!

Monday, January 8th kicked off our first week back to school in 2024. With much enthusiasm our teachers, students and all the operational staff were
ready to bring joy back to our campus!

Within our learning routines we implemented a few changes and improvements; including the use of reusable plates across grade levels, to cut down on waste and contribute to the care of our planet.

Another improvement that was implemented was the adaptation of the classrooms for our 4 year old students in order to provide them with more comfort and privacy for their nap time.

As part of our academic improvements, we have updated our curriculum based on the “National Base Curriculum,” which is required at the national level for pre-primary grades (while still maintaining our Expeditionary Learning Methodology and project-based educational standards).

Lastly, we were very happy to welcome our 24 students from the Early Learning Center into our Preschool. The motor, cognitive, affective and social skills which they developed  with us last year, helped to make that transition process a success.

We are thrilled to have our learning community back on campus with us in 2024!