Poem about the dump

After taking a tour of Safe Passage in November with her high school, a student named Jenny wrote a poem about her experience. DUMP “Dump.” Upon hearing this word, what comes to your mind? Gradually decaying materials that are uncompostable to the soil? A source of pollution and breeding ground for pathogens? A gray zone, Read More »

Student stories: Meet Samuel

Samuel is the oldest of five siblings. He started attending Safe Passage in 2001, at the small church where Hanley started our program in 1999. At Safe Passage, life was vibrant, supportive, and safe. At home, Samuel’s world was turning upside down. Just one year after he started school, Samuel had to leave. Samuel’s parents Read More »

Sponsor stories: meet the Holsen family

This article was written by Safe Passage sponsor, Molly, about visiting Guatemala and Safe Passage with her family and their adopted Guatemalan son, Tomas. This past July we took our family of 5 to Guatemala for a cultural visit. The last time we were there we were picking up our oldest son, Tomas, and bringing him Read More »

Inspiring others: Daniel’s Safe Passage story

Daniel still remembers meeting Hanley when he was just a young boy. Later, in his teens, Daniel was recruited to join a gang. For Daniel, staying in school was not an option when he needed to work in the dump to help feed his brothers. Steady care from Daniel’s teachers motivated him to graduate high Read More »

Hanley Denning Speech Wins Award

Mary J., a 5th grader at the St. Brigid School of Maine, entered the speech below in her school's Civic Oration Contest. She was inspired by Hanley Denning and wrote the speech about Hanley's life and work at Safe Passage. The speech won 1st place and is going on to compete at the district level. Read More »