Student Stories: Meet Sindy

Meet Sindy, 26. She’s currently a student in the 7th grade class in our Adult Education program. She’s been a student at Safe Passage for three years, and has been a Creamos participant for two years. While her husband works in the dump as a garbage picker, many of Sindy’s family are students with Safe Read More »

Carlos & Leslie: How a mother and her son inspire each other

Unable to afford school tuition, Leslie started working in the garbage dump when she was eight years old. At age 18, she decided to change her life and entered Safe Passage’s Adult Education program as a first grade student. After years of night classes and long days working in the dump, Leslie earned a high school Read More »

Education Knows No Age

It is nine o’clock in the morning and Elena is in the Safe Passage Adult Education class with a smile on her face and a pile of books in front of her that symbolize hope. Elena is one of 12 brothers and sisters. Growing up, Elena and her siblings all worked to provide financial support for their family. Because of Read More »

Faces of Safe Passage: meet Grecia

If you’ve visited the Safe Passage cafeteria in the last 8 years, you have most likely met Grecia. She’s rather hard to miss when she’s dancing around the kitchen with a great big smile on her face. More than that, Grecia is is wholly dedicated to Safe Passage. “I didn’t want to work for a Read More »

Caring for the Mothers of Safe Passage

“A mother is the force of love and grace that exceeds and conquers all the forces of evil.” —Josep Torras Each morning, when the students of Safe Passage walk into their classrooms, they have already overcome numerous hardships just to achieve the simple act of crossing that threshold. This success rests on the hard work Read More »

Adult Literacy Team: yoga, banners and bingo

Our Safe Passage students have been lucky to meet a number of Support Teams this year. Until this May, however, Teams had yet to reach one special group of students – our daytime Adult Literacy students, or as we often call them, “The Moms.” The Moms demonstrate a remarkable commitment to their studies week after Read More »

Creating a Future with CREAMOS

Two years ago, there were only 18 mothers in CREAMOS.  This recycled-jewelry company, a fledgling spin-off of the Safe Passage Adult Literacy Program, was just beginning to take shape.  CREAMOS means, “we create” and “let’s believe” and was the first initiative in what has turned into Safe Passage’s Social Entrepreneurship Program.   The Social Entrepreneurship Read More »

Putting the “safe” in Safe Passage

As Father’s Day has recently passed in both Guatemala and the United States, I would today like to focus on one father in particular who greets me with a smile every day that I come to work at Safe Passage; his name is Andres. Andres is the father of two boys, ages 6 and 9. Read More »