Partner Organizations

We create collaborative connections with NGO and governmental organizations from Guatemala, the United States, and abroad to broaden our reach, maximize our resources, and foster fresh opportunities for growth.

Shared Beat

Founded to provide healthcare services to Safe Passage students, Shared Beat has grown into a vibrant and independent nonprofit organization providing essential health and nutrition services to Guatemalan schools. Safe Passage students receive Shared Beat’s health education, annual physicals, and community wellness services during bi-annual medical team visits.


Rotary International

Rotary International creates positive change through its worldwide network of community leaders. Rotarians from around the world travel to Guatemala to volunteer at our program and make a difference in the lives of our children. Local clubs and districts provide critical support through project collaboration.

Guatemalan Ministry of Education

The Guatemalan Ministry of Education accredited our comprehensive program as an independent primary school in 2012, approved our use of Expeditionary Learning teaching methodology for the first time in Guatemala in 2015, and provides teacher training and learning methodology support for our educators and volunteers.

Are you interested in forming a partnership with Safe Passage? Please contact us.