We Are Safe Passage—Stories of what drives us.

In the nearly 25 years in which Safe Passage has been operating, we have seen a remarkable amount of change and growth—from the programming and services we offer, to our leadership, staff, supporters and the community itself. Throughout all these changes, we have kept the community and their needs and strengths at the center of our work, and have stayed mission focused.


While supporters, students, volunteers, and staff have come and gone—they have each left an indelible mark on our community and work through their individual contributions. Those who have moved on remain a part of the Safe Passage family in how they share our story and work with future supporters.


We recently asked some of these members of our community how Safe Passage has impacted them personally; what they are proud of, what struck them most about their experiences on campus, and what they have achieved as part of this community. We hope you will read on, as they share their stories.


Please enjoy the digital version of the Fall Newsletter in English and Spanish below.