Recently, we had some of our students in our Próximo Paso (Next Steps) program write to us about their experience with Safe Passage. They wanted to thank the donors who enabled them to continue their education and find a pathway out of poverty. Check out the first-hand accounts from Blanca, Emmanuel, and Rosa below.

To whom it may concern: 

A cordial greeting from my beautiful Guatemala. I hope that in your country, you and your loved ones find yourself in good health and at peace.

My name is Blanca and I have been part of the Safe Passage affiliates. I managed to graduate last year with a degree in Construction Drawing. Now I am part of the Proximo Paso (Next Step) program, which is in charge of monitoring the ex-affiliates who have graduated from Safe Passage. In the last two years I have maintained a very close relationship with Professor Jayro, who helped me to create a creative and striking resume, and he also gave me tips when attending a job interview. I learned the details that should be included in an employment contract, among many other things. In the midst of the pandemic, Próximo Paso managed to help us get work at CEMACO, where I had the opportunity to be part of the group of participants. It was my first work experience since I had just reached the legal age to work and considering that it was a good addition to my resume. Unfortunately I was not able to begin university last year, but this year I will do my best to reach that achievement, which is thanks to the support that the program gives us by paying all the expenses for that process and also by providing tutoring in the subjects that may be difficult for us.

For now I am doing an internship in an architecture company, where I hope to be able to stay permanently, so I can help my family, especially my little sibling who I hope can also graduate. They are also part of the Safe Passage school.

Blanca Stefania Hernández Top


To whom it may concern:

I send my warm greetings to the readers, wishing that they have an abundant life with much success in their daily endeavors.

I am part of one of the families that has been part of Safe Passage the longest, I joined the project in 2003 when I was just 4 years old. I was part of almost all the transitions that have existed in the history of the organization. I was part of the Kindergarten, the Educational Reinforcement Center and the Oportunidades (Opportunities) program, until reaching the Próximo Paso (Next Step) program.

Próximo Paso has given me useful tools so that I can look for work and for me personally it has been nice to be able to learn from the people who have been in charge of the program. First from Mario Chamorro and now from Jayro Barahona, who has been supporting me, aware of my personal development, and taking me into account for opportunities that arise ever since I graduated. Safe Passage has financially supported me to get my employment paperwork in order, helped me with my university entrance exams, among others things. I hope one day to be a person who can achieve success and be able to volunteer at Safe Passage, to be able to pay back even just a little for everything they did for me.

To that end I say goodbye to you thanking you for your attention and support. God bless you.

Emmanuel de Jesús Ochoa Batres

To whom it may concern:

It is a pleasure to greet you and at the same time wish you success in your daily life.

Through this letter I want to share a little about my time as a Safe Passage affiliate. I have been part of the organization for several years, in which they have given me various support. I have many memories with my friends and with the people who have worked to help us, who are always very attentive and willing to give us a hand at any time.

Now that I have graduated, it makes me feel very good to know that I can still count on the support of Safe Passage through the Próximo Paso (Next Step) program. This year, in the midst of the pandemic, things have not been easy for me and my family. However, I continue receiving calls and messages from the program to see how I am doing and explaining future plans. I thought it would be difficult to get a job due to the situation, but at the end of the year I managed to be part of the vacation work program that Próximo Paso had with the store CEMACO, which was a very nice experience. I also think that it helped me find a permanent job, as I currently work at the store Megapaca thanks to that support.

Without further ado, I say goodbye to you, asking God to bless you for taking the time to read my letter and for your ongoing support.

Rosa Chuc Tzalam