Join our match to DOUBLE your impact!

Today, we’re happy to share that you have the opportunity – from now until December 31st – to DOUBLE your support of our students with a special match for new and increased giving. Thanks to several generous donors who created a matching fund up to $105,000*, the new or increased gift that you make today will have double the impact.

What does this mean?

  • If this is your first time donating to Safe Passage, your entire donation will be matched and doubled. This includes if you give a one time gift or if you sign up as a Hanley’s Helper or Student Sponsor.
  • If you’ve already given to Safe Passage, any increased gift will be matched and doubled
  • If you’re giving to Safe Passage consistently either as a Hanley’s Helper or Student Sponsor, if you make a special extra gift on top of your recurring gift/student sponsorship will be matched and doubled

*Our original match was up to $55,000 — but thanks to an additional generous donor, our match has increased to $105,000!

Join our special match and give a gift today!

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