Libraries: Changing Lives For the Better

In a country where 12% of the population is illiterate and in some cases reading is considered a punishment, it is very important to promote reading among students of all ages. At Safe Passage, it is vital that our students not only read, but fully comprehend what they read

Poetry Contest

Twenty sets of hands slipped entries into the submission box for the annual Safe Passage Poetry Contest recently. The contest is organized by Safe Passage librarian Jeremias Yojcom and students of all ages submit original poems and create colorful poetry displays during a poetry week when Safe Passage abounds

1000 Book Donation From Child Aid

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of a recent tour visitor, Safe Passage was able to connect with Child Aid, a non-profit organization who graciously donated 1000 age-appropriate books to our library through their Reading for Life program. I recently spoke with Sara El-Sohl, Safe Passage’s library program coordinator about the