Every day is an extraordinary adventure: Meet Volunteer Maria

Maria Fernanda came to Safe Passage by coincidence. At first, she did not know much about our program and she did not want to volunteer. What she did know was that she needed to spend a one month internship at a local organization to meet a volunteer requirement for school. More than one year later, Read More »

Chess and a Backpack of Books

“A student who reads, thinks. A student who thinks, learns. A student who learns can make change.” Ubelia, a student in 6th grade strolls through the doorways of Safe Passage, walks down the stairs, slowing down as she passes the library exclaiming, “Que facil!” or “too easy!” in regards to the problem of the day Read More »

Two steps at a time

Every kid is a little bit different. Yulisa likes to hold my hand and take the stairs two at a time on the way down to the library for our forty minutes of tutoring. Once we reach the bottom of the stairs she declares herself the winner. Sometimes I protest. “No I won,” I say. Read More »

My time tutoring

When I first began at Safe Passage six months ago, I had a choice of where to work: the main educational reinforcement center with its older students, or the Escuelita filled with the littlest learners in the program. While volunteers who are staying for six or more months generally work in the main building—and I Read More »

Log on to the Safe Passage Computer Lab

Meet Douglas Cordero, the Safe Passage Computer Lab manager as he explains how students from around the Guatemala City garbage dump come here to learn computer skills, helpful programs, and do their school homework. Many of the students have no electricity at home and none have their own computers, so this small space helps them Read More »

A Little Attention Goes a Long Way

As an educational reinforcement center, Safe Passage is focused on giving students the opportunity to attend school and the resources they need to succeed there. Public schools in Guatemala only run for half the day and primarily use rote memorization to teach their large classes. In a class of 50 students, it is easy for Read More »

Homework: The Key to Success

It is easy to get caught up in the many wonderful and enriching extracurricular programs at Safe Passage here, such as English, health education, computer skills, art, music, and sports. That means one of the most important, parts of our program may sometimes be overlooked—homework time! All of the students receive regular homework from their Read More »