Every day is an extraordinary adventure: Meet Volunteer Maria

Maria Fernanda came to Safe Passage by coincidence. At first, she did not know much about our program and she did not want to volunteer. What she did know was that she needed to spend a one month internship at a local organization to meet a volunteer requirement for school. More than one year later, Read More »

Safe Passage Psychology Program Celebrates 10 Years

The Safe Passage Psychology Program, La Luna, started in 2007. The name of our program, La Luna (‘the moon’ in English), was selected as a way to combat the societal stigma associated with psychology. La Luna is also a welcoming, kid-friendly term that appeals to the at-risk youth our psychologists work with most. Since 2007, Read More »

Student stories: Meet Samuel

Samuel is the oldest of five siblings. He started attending Safe Passage in 2001, at the small church where Hanley started our program in 1999. At Safe Passage, life was vibrant, supportive, and safe. At home, Samuel’s world was turning upside down. Just one year after he started school, Samuel had to leave. Samuel’s parents Read More »

2016 Giving Tuesday: Feeding Families in Need

What is Giving Tuesday? We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but many have not heard of Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is a global day for giving back to nonprofits and celebrating donors across the world. We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate you all year long, and especially on Giving Tuesday! Read More »

Caring for the Mothers of Safe Passage

“A mother is the force of love and grace that exceeds and conquers all the forces of evil.” —Josep Torras Each morning, when the students of Safe Passage walk into their classrooms, they have already overcome numerous hardships just to achieve the simple act of crossing that threshold. This success rests on the hard work Read More »

A New Year in Health Education

After my first week teaching at Safe Passage, Kevin, a fifteen year-old student, stopped me in the hallway to thank me. He told me that health class was important to him, that he was excited to learn about new topics this year, and that he would love to help prepare materials for the class if Read More »

Health Fair: toothpaste, bandaids, and lots of stickers!

Shared Beat, aided by Safe Passage, organized and hosted a health fair providing medical care, physical therapy, and lenses to students, families and the community.Each station touched upon a different aspect of the body and staying healthy.  After feeling and viewing the ulnar and radial bones (those between the elbow and wrist) of the skeleton Read More »

What keeps us coming back?

Seven years ago last month, Shared Beat became a nonprofit to support Safe Passage children and their families through health care. Our struggles over the years have been mind-blowing! The constant change you'd imagine in any large organization combined with the unimaginable emotional and physical struggles of the families we work with is not for Read More »

Preventive Medicine and Playground Specialists!

Twice a year, Shared Beat volunteers come to Safe Passage from all over the United States, from a wide variety of medical and non-medical backgrounds, and together they carry out a weeklong health clinic that provides necessary and otherwise unavailable medical services to the entire community around the garbage dump. The final week of July Read More »

Medical Students Teach Hygiene

Dancing, singing and laughing are daily activities in Safe Passage’s Escuelita. By combining playful behavior like this with educational health messages, students learn while having fun. Such was the goal of a hygiene presentation in the Escuelita on the afternoon of May 8. Medical studentsfrom nearby Colegio Brown’s performed songs and dances in colorful costumes Read More »