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Showcasing Our Inner Strength

If you passed the corridors of safe passage in the last few months, you would notice a room full of paint, music and teenagers.  The morning students have been finishing off their year-long projects and getting ready to show everyone all of their talents.  If you spend just one morning in the creative expression program, you quickly learn that it is not only a place to learn artistic techniques, but also a place where one can discover their personal form of expression.  It is a place that acknowledges the uniqueness that every voice holds. 

8 Years of Planting Seeds

My name is Susan Schmaltz and I direct the Planting Seeds program used at Safe Passage and beyond. I welcome the opportunity to share a bit about the history and the value of the partnership which has existed between Planting Seeds and Camino Seguro for the past eight years.

Sponsorship Profile: Silvia

Silvia is a bright, expressive 11 year old girl who is in Quinto Primaria (3rd grade). When she grows up, Silvia hopes to be an Accountant. Silvia spent considerable time without sponsor since entering to Safe Passage. She was one of the last students without a sponsor in her class and she took notice of that.  Fortunately, that changed a few months ago when a new sponsor (a Guatemalan) enrolled and began sponsoring Silvia.  Now, they have developed a special relationship and Silvia now delights in the care and support of that new sponsor.

Four Important Steps in Education

UNO As Guatemalan public schools get ready to wind down and close for the year in mid October, we at Safe Passage are ramping up for some very exciting educational events! Instead of shutting down, we'll be opening our "Summer Camp" filled with fun and education-focused programs for students to stay off the streets and keep learning. Our Quinceañera celebration will combine women's health education with this coming-of-age ceremony, and our high school graduation on November 23rd will mark the completion of an amazing journey from the garbage dump to a life of education and success.

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