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Meeting the FIFA's World Cup

On September 2013, FIFA’s World Cup tour started to visit 88 countries in 267 days. On February, the tour stopped in Guatemala. Thanks to the generous donation of the 1850 channel, 16 young Safe Passage students had the opportunity to attend the showcase event of the World Cup held in Parque de la Industria in Guatemala City. The attendees are members of weekend Soccer Club at Safe Passage. They were very excited to have the opportunity to attend this activity. PE teacher, Maynor Koxaj, accompanied them.

A Song with Natalia Lafourcade

In February, the increasingly popular Mexican pop singer Natalia Lafourcade visited Safe Passage. Natalia is not only a singer, but also a songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, actress and philanthropist.

Sharing with the American School

On Saturday January 18th, 40 1st and 2nd graders from Safe Passage were invited to share a morning with the students of American School of Guatemala and their parents.

Music, educational activities and games were waiting when the kids arrived to the American School facilities. Our children were happy to be outdoors and share with kids their own age.

Cuentame las Gradas

The matchbox car rides the edge of the table, flirting with a 4-foot fall to the floor. A look of concentration is etched on Gaspar’s face as he navigates the car, the puttering of the engine escaping softly from his lips. As I enter his classroom his head stays down, totally absorbed in the perilous journey happening at his fingertips. I tap him on the shoulder and his face lights up, “Now?” he asks.

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