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Then and Now: Jeannette

Walking up the stairs to visit the Creamos store, you can usually hear the cheerful laugh of three or four women rolling in their chairs from some small joke just made. Jeannette is usually one of the louder ones. “Before Safe Passage you wouldn’t hear us laughing like this.”

Then and Now: Josefa

When Josefa was little her parents died, making it impossible for her to go to school. She needed to start working. Today, Josefa is a fifty nine year old single mother who has 5 grown children and eight grandchildren. Two of her children are no longer in communication with her, leaving her to raise their 3 children (her grandchildren). Having never learned to read or write, Josefa did what she could to earn money scavenging in the garbage dump.

Then and Now: Jess

"I went to Bowdoin College - where Hanley Denning studied - and traveled to Safe Passage on a Support Team through the Alternative Spring Break Program when I was a senior in college. I was inspired by her vision that anyone could travel to Guatemala, roll up their sleeves, and make a difference, so I moved there after graduation!

Then and Now: Ginger

"I heard about the program from my sister, who lives in Maine. She encouraged me to visit the website, which I did soon after. I was immediately moved to tears. The stories of these families, and the hardships they face every day affected me in ways that I could not ignore. I decided that day to sponsor a child.

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