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Our singing 3 and 6 year olds

Last Monday, the English Department at Safe Passage had their first-ever English concert! Organized by our stellar English teacher, Elena Maker, the second graders in our Center for Educational Reinforcement performed for the our 3 and 6 year-old students in the Escuelita.  Over the course of five months, Elena worked tirelessly to create fun and catchy songs to gain the interest and attention of her second graders. This worked!

Adult Literacy Team: yoga, banners and bingo

Our Safe Passage students have been lucky to meet a number of Support Teams this year. Until this May, however, Teams had yet to reach one special group of students – our daytime Adult Literacy students, or as we often call them, “The Moms.” The Moms demonstrate a remarkable commitment to their studies week after week, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to recognize their hard work.

Chess and a Backpack of Books

“A student who reads, thinks. A student who thinks, learns. A student who learns can make change.”

Ubelia, a student in 6th grade strolls through the doorways of Safe Passage, walks down the stairs, slowing down as she passes the library exclaiming, “Que facil!” or “too easy!” in regards to the problem of the day posted by the Tutoring Department. Four out of five days she finishes the problem with little help, never forgetting a note for the tutors to accompany her answer.

While she is trying to figure out the answer, brothers Jenser and Oliver are trying to solve the problem as well as signing up for Biblioclub, a weekend library club focused on reading, reasoning skills, and strategy games.  They come to library club every Saturday to practice their chess skills and solve tough logic problems.

Narwhals and Walrus and Ice! Oh My!

As I prepare for the solo kayak voyage from Maine to Guatemala, folks are asking me, “Can you really do that?” When they see a 62 year old woman in a business suit, it's not surprising that they might express surprise when I say I want to kayak solo over 2237 miles along the Atlantic coast and the Caribbean Sea. What they don't know is that I have paddled dozens of expeditions in various locations including: the western Arctic Ocean, Hudson's Bay, the Davis Strait off Greenland, the Atlantic coasts of Nova Scotia, Maine and Virginia, the Sea of Cortez, and wild

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