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19 celebrating 15

No event is more anticipated, with both excitement and nervousness, than the Quinceañera at Safe Passage. This is a special event where all the girls who are turning 15 celebrate together with their families and teachers. This year we had the privilege of honoring 19 girls and celebrating with more than 250 people.

Our Safe Passage Wedding

My name is Megan McAdams and my now husband Juan Francisco Roldan worked in Public Relations at Safe Passage while I was a long-term volunteer. As an international couple, neither of our two countries (Juan is Guatemalan and I’m American) felt quite right to Juan for his proposal. He resolved this dilemma by popping the question mid-air,more than 10,000 ft above ground. The pilot’s congratulatory announcement rang in my ears shortly after I, of course, said yes. Not long after his high-flying proposal, we began the exciting, yet daunting process of planning our weddings. (Yes, weddings. As we have two home countries, we needed to make sure to celebrate with all of our family and friends.)


Twenty Six Raincoats

Every year as rainy season begins in Guatemala, all of us who work, volunteer, and support Safe Passage start to worry about our families. Will their houses flood? Will fewer kids come to the project? Will there be landslides in the garbage dump? This is the reality for our families and the women with whom I work every day for over the six months of the rainy season.  

Safe Passage Breakdance Club Opens for Guatemala National Competition

This is a group of teenagers and youth who receive break dance and hip hop classes from our teacher Shannon every Saturday. We have the opportunity to learn in the Safe Passage Escuelita. Safe Passage is a non-profit organization that provides this space and the opportunity for us to dance each and every Saturday. Our group of dancers had the opportunity to go see some of the best hip hop dancers that currently represent Guatemala.


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