Where Our Students Learn

We design our educational spaces with learning in mind to support self and social awareness.


The Safe Passage early childhood education center (Escuelita) was founded in 2004 to nurture the youngest, most vulnerable children in the Guatemala City dump community. Nurturing teachers and participatory parents are integral in early childhood development and encourage young learners to continue their education and break the cycle of poverty.


The Fran Doonan Walter Early Childhood Education Center, built in 2007, welcomes Escuelita students into colorful classrooms stocked with books, art and craft supplies, toys and technology—everything our students and teachers need for successful interactive learning.


Our Educational Reinforcement Center (CRE) has been a hub of activity since it was built in 2004. The busy cafeteria, classrooms, library, and peaceful garden spaces are all located here.

Safe places to play outdoors can be difficult to find in the community. The Safe Passage Garden of Hope, built in collaboration with the University of Washington Landscape Architecture Design Program, is an oasis of plant and animal life. Sensory habitats, exploratory gardens, and adventure play areas provide therapeutic green space for students and their families.


Sports fields, classrooms, and community spaces abound at the Learning, Art, and Fun Center. Constructed in 2015 during a one-day volunteer project in collaboration with Telus International volunteers, the Learning, Art, and Fun Center provides much-needed space for our expanding programs, and brings our community closer together.