Safe Passage students face many obstacles that can affect their educational and social development. Many students participate in tutoring because they do not have educational support at home or at their public school.

Some students struggle with learning disabilities. All our students are intelligent, capable learners, but every student sometimes needs one-on-one help and encouragement.


The Safe Passage Tutoring program started in 2011 with one tutor working to foster self-esteem and classroom confidence in 30 students. Today, over 15 tutors provide academic assistance to nearly 100 Safe Passage students each year.

Like our students, our tutors come from many backgrounds: Guatemalan university students and national and international volunteers all enrich the tutoring program with diverse knowledge, experience, and culture.


In addition to academic improvements, tutors have an immeasurable positive impact on student confidence, behavior, and social skills through:

  • Individual tutoring sessions
    Students receive one-on-one tutoring for 30 minutes twice per week. Safe Passage tutors guide students through fundamental concepts, especially for reading and math, to help them build a stronger base for more advanced learning. They also help students hone independent thinking and investigation skills.
  • Student evaluations and peer learning
    Tutoring contributes to the philosophy that learning never ends. Tutors provide frequent student evaluations to teachers to help develop personalized learning goals in the classroom. And our peer tutoring program pairs older students with younger learners to create a culture of collaborative learning and a stronger sense of community.
  • Pre- and post-graduation preparation and guidance
    Students seeking academic assistance with university entrance exams or high school graduation requirements can join tutoring club on Saturdays. Small group and individual sessions provide the extra attention students need to move up on their own.

Students that believe in their own academic abilities can better interact with peers and teachers. More confident in the classroom, tutored students act out less and learn more. Our Tutoring program strives to help all students realize their own potential.