Saturday Clubs

Safe Passage Saturday Clubs offer students a secure, relaxed environment to study, learn social skills, discover new activities, and collaborate with like-minded peers.

Saturday Club students explore opportunities for learning outside of the school day in a collaborative community of self-expression.


Extracurricular activities during non-school hours teach students the importance of perseverance, motivation, and participation. These are essential skills for interacting with others in educational, social, and professional settings.

Many of our Saturday Clubs complement comprehensive school-day programs. You can learn more about each Saturday Club and its complementary program in the paragraphs below.

Martial Arts Club
Martial Arts Club begins and ends with respect. Our trained teacher guides students through exercises and techniques that teach punctuality, discipline, and self-improvement. Martial arts increases student self-awareness and offers an avenue for efficient stress management.


Biblioclub (Library Club)
During the first half of Biblioclub, older students receive an hour and a half of homework help. The second half of Biblioclub is focused on students in grades 2 through 6 and features 45 minutes of leisure reading, a science experiment, and group activities including creative writing and reading aloud. Read more about our Library Program.

Breakdance Club
Breakdance Club builds community and teaches values in a fun, active environment. Through dance and self-expression, children learn the importance of responsibility, teamwork, and setting goals. Students are encouraged to participate with a positive attitude and an open mind, to express themselves and meet new friends. Breakdance Club participants often perform at Safe Passage events and for the general public.


Ingles Avanzado Club (Advanced English)
Recent Safe Passage graduates with bilingual experience participate in Ingles Avanzado as peer teachers and mentors, especially helpful to students seeking a higher level of learning or training for professional speaking. Students become teachers with learning strategies that develop confidence and contribute to a greater culture of learning. Read more about our English Program.

Ludiclub (Clowning Club)
Founded in 2008, Ludiclub fosters social inclusion and sparks creativity. Activities like juggling, face painting, balloon animals, and stilt walking teach students about perseverance and motivation. Ludiclub often performs at special Safe Passage events.


Music Club
The study of music stimulates cognitive skills, abstract thinking, and self-management. Music Club provides students with a place to practice an instrument, learn from others, and develop self-study habits.

Next Step Graduate Club
We give our graduates the skills they need to enter the workforce or university and to set positive examples in their own communities. Next Step Graduate Club (Próximo Paso) helps graduates develop professional social skills through job placement preparation, decision-making techniques, and professional development opportunities. Read more about our Next Step Graduate Program.


Sports Club
Recreation through sports increases student involvement in peer and cultural communities, and  supports physical and mental health. In a fun, supportive environment, Sports Club teaches students principles of discipline, the importance of training, and how to learn through compromise.

Tutoring Club
Tutoring Club offers academic support for recent and upcoming Safe Passage graduates. We help students develop learning goals and become better prepared for university entrance exams or high school commencement requirements. Small group and individual sessions offer students opportunity for direct attention and guidance. Read more about our Tutoring Program.