The Safe Passage English program creates a language-learning lab where students develop critical thinking skills and proficiency in the English language.


Starting at age 3, Safe Passage students participate in 30 minutes of group classes each day. Individual tutoring and resources for home study complement weekday learning, while group classes create an environment of conscientious collaboration:

  • Our youngest students, 3 to 6 years old, participate in movement and music activities that develop motor skills for beginning English.
  • All full-day students learn English as a requirement.
  • CRE students take English classes from native English speakers.
  • Safe Passage parents and staff also have access to English lessons, so learning and language practice continues at home.

At all levels, students and teachers work together to develop strategies to stimulate language comprehension. This cooperative learning effort strengthens student public speaking skills, social awareness and a stronger sense of group responsibility. Interactive lessons and peer teaching encourage students to recognize and respect individual and group strengths and weaknesses while supporting autonomous learning.


Students can participate in voluntary tutoring for 30 minutes twice per week. English tutoring is especially effective for new students to Safe Passage and for recent graduates preparing for job interviews and a successful life in a bilingual society. Supplemental, individual tutoring provides focused attention to learning obstacles, and self-study tools support home learning and encourage parents to participate.


Books, DVDs, table games, mp3 audio files, and computer-based language-learning software are available for students to use. Verb and vocabulary flashcards are shared between students and families to foster education opportunities throughout the community.

Students and graduates can enhance their English for employment, advanced education, or both through the Safe Passage Next Step Graduate program (Próximo Paso). Next Step students have access to hour-long Saturday classes, up to 5 hours of weekly individual tutoring, and online learning tools. Recent Safe Passage graduates with bilingual experience frequently participate as peer teachers.

When students are ready to take the next step in their English studies, Safe Passage is there.