Creative Expression

Art-based education is an essential component of a child’s development, promoting and enhancing social, cognitive, analytical, and communication skills.

Creative Expression (Expresión Creativa) fosters student creativity and critical thinking in a place of peace.

Our Creative Expression program provides hands-on, interactive visual and performing arts activities like music, crafts, and dance to strengthen self-esteem and promote positive expression. Full-day students participate in Creative Expression as an elective within Planting Seeds lessons, and it is a required course for all public school students in our half-day educational reinforcement program.


Creative Expression is a safe space where students begin to think of themselves as artists, as having creative autonomy, and as deserving of respect.

We encourage students to express their individuality through the arts, and to collaborate with peers through art to generate discussion, share opinions, and explore social and cultural values.


Positive expression continues long after the school day ends.

Students have access to school resources and teacher guidance during the week and on Saturdays as part of the Creative Expression club that celebrates long-term commitment to the arts, especially music. The study of a musical instrument stimulates cognitive skills, abstract thinking, and self-management. Music can positively affect our emotions, psychology, and intellect.


Safe Passage provides students with the opportunity to develop passion for the arts and to become more engaged members of society. Creativity gives students the skills they need to become sensitive, aware, innovative individuals able to transcend violence and social exclusion.