Next Step Graduate Program

Safe Passage believes that young adults are key figures for social change. When we invest in the future of our graduates, we are investing in the future of our community.

128 high school students have graduated from Safe Passage since 2007, but where are they now?

To find out, we conducted a survey (fall 2016). Of the 75% of graduates who responded:

  • 52% are currently employed in the formal sector
  • 9% are currently working and enrolled in higher education
  • Of those who reported wages, the average monthly wage is Q2,500 ($330) The average monthly wage for a worker in the garbage dump is Q700 ($90)

You make student progress possible.


We started Next Step graduate program (Próximo Paso) in 2013 to guide graduates through often daunting post-graduation through:

  • Real-world experience and employment opportunities
    We start by working closely and fostering professional relationships with nonprofit organizations and private companies. The more they understand and experience our programs, the more likely it is that they will work with our graduates. Our local Guatemalan partners provide training and employment for many of our graduates. Partner volunteers donate their time to strengthening student social skills and offering advice and encouragement.
  • University research and application
    Graduates that want to continue their education after high school receive opportunities and guidance throughout the university admissions process.
  • Finding his/her space in society and creating post-graduation goals
    Through interview preparation workshops, alumni activities, and resources for finding employment, Next Step gives graduates the skills they need to make informed decisions about their future.


Next Step is the culmination of our comprehensive education program, and a new beginning for each of our graduates.