Creamos Social Entreprenuership

In 2008, mothers in our Safe Passage Adult Education program decided to take their economic futures into their own capable hands, and a powerful entrepreneurial program was born.


Creamos (We Create and We Believe) provides practical education, income-generating opportunities, and safe, flexible working conditions for mothers who want to provide for their families and reach their fullest potential.

Creamos empowers mothers to break the cycle of poverty.

“When people see our creations, they are marvelled by what we can do with what they believe is waste.” –Creamos Mother


Like so many of the determined and resourceful women of the Guatemala City dump community, these mothers had struggled to provide for their families within the limited opportunities the informal dump economy provides. Many regularly risked their health and their lives to contribute to their family finances.

Creamos lets the passion and perseverance of these women take them further.


More than 40 mothers with children in Safe Passage programs participate in Creamos’ income-generating initiatives: recycled paper jewelry and sewing. They receive valuable training in business and personal finance, English, commerce, computer literacy, and business management classes—all while earning 65% more than they would trying to make their living in the Guatemala City dump economy.

The Creamos emotional support program, Creamos Voces, aims to fill the gap left by a lack of access to social  services in the garbage dump community. Creamos Voces programs focus on wellness, domestic violence support, financial security, and individual sessions for crisis management.

Led by trained staff, Creamos Voces emotional support programs make a tangible impact on the lives of our mothers. When our mothers feel comfortable and confident, they can then share those traits with their children, continuing our efforts to empower our community to break the cycle of poverty.


Creamos jewelry is as unique as the woman who made it—recycled paper delicately wrapped into beads by hand to express hope, earn respect and create economic opportunity. Each piece is proof that hard work and determination are beautiful.


Your purchase allows Creamos mothers to study, work, and model self-sufficiency and personal fulfillment at home to their children, in a safer, healthier environment. Your purchase tells them their voices matter and that their creations can spark change around the world.

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