Adult Education

Since 2006, 228 adults have participated in Safe Passage Adult Education Programs. Learning happens at every age. Nunca es tarde—it is never too late!

Currently, nearly 70 mothers, fathers, and grandparents are learning to read and write through Safe Passage Adult Education.


Since 2017 the Adult Education program has worked directly with the Guatemalan Ministry of Education. Safe Passage is authorized to provide an accredited education and certified diplomas to adults when they complete sixth grade, ninth grade, and high school.  Adult Education offers daily classes in reading, writing, and computer literacy at learning levels customized for each student. Guatemalan teachers and trained volunteers provide academic guidance and develop supportive relationships with students.

We believe educated adults become positive role models for children, and when parents can better interact with the educational and social development of their children, they promote a culture of learning at home and positively impact the greater community.


Throughout their schooling, Adult Education students work together to gain academic confidence and boost self-esteem. Upon graduation, Safe Passage adult students earn the equivalent of a sixth-grade diploma, ninth-grade diploma, and high school diploma, with the opportunity to earn scholarships for academic excellence.

We encourage students to prove to themselves and to society that, with hard work and determination, goals can be achieved.