Seven years ago last month, Shared Beat became a nonprofit to support Safe Passage children and their families through health care.
Our struggles over the years have been mind-blowing! The constant change you'd imagine in any large organization combined with the unimaginable emotional and physical struggles of the families we work with is not for the faint of heart. What has kept Shared Beat coming back? SUCCESS!

Each time we walk through the metal, guarded doors of the Educational Reinforcement Center, we see emotionally and physically stronger children. Of course we would like to take credit for this amazing phenomenon, but we can’t! Attention to physical health is but one piece of the puzzle. It is the family support; hot meals with fortified rice; loving staff, volunteers and sponsors; extracurricular activities like art, and music; daily English; monetary support; tutoring; and education that create the total package. At the end of theday, Safe Passage is providing a well-rounded environment for these at risk children, and I tell you it feels good to be a part of the team!

-Jenny Hartsell

Shared Beat Executive Director