We recently hosted visitors Ginny Stehle and Carla Orner from Heart to Heart International, a non-profit organization that supplies medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and hygiene supplies to people in need all over the world. Joining them were several employees of Welch Allyn, one of Heart to Heart's medical equipment donors. Our Welch Allyn visitors included David Allyn, Matthew Chadderdon, Danielle Gillmore, and Susan Mangicaro.


Heart to Heart was visiting Guatemala in order to explore potential new avenues for providing much-needed medical supplies and equipment to a range of communities. They started their week with a day-and-a-half tour and volunteering time at Safe Passage. We had a wonderful time visiting different Safe Passage leaders to find out more about how Safe Passage operates, volunteering with the pre-schoolers, tutoring English, and assisting in a health class about smoking prevention. The group also met with our doctor, nurse, and health program coordinator to find out about our health program and clinic.


The team generously brought with them two new stethoscopes, a new otoscope/ophthalmoscope to diagnose ear or eye problems, health books for young children, and hygiene products. We are excited that Heart to Heart will be talking with Shared Beat, our clinic partner, and Safe Passage about ways our programs might intersect for the benefit of our students and their community.

Thanks so much, Heart to Heart and Welch Allyn, for all you do to save lives and improve the health of so many people in Guatemala and around the world!


-Leigh Ellen Key

Support Teams Coordinator