Every year as rainy season begins in Guatemala, all of us who work, volunteer, and support Safe Passage start to worry about our families. Will their houses flood? Will fewer kids come to the project? Will there be landslides in the garbage dump? This is the reality for our families and the women with whom I work every day for over the six months of the rainy season.  

On a very cold, rainy day in June I was reminded of these women's spirit. I was in my weekly meeting with the 26 mothers in Creamos and they started to joke that I should buy them all raincoats. They started yelling out colors and sizes and were just laughing at their problems as they usually do. I returned about an hour later with blue raincoats that had been donated to Safe Passage for everyone. They all headed to put them on and model their new rain gear. One of the mothers stated, “We are now ready for the rain!” She expressed this as if now, with a raincoat, all the other problems caused by the rain were solved as well.
This is what I keep re-learning from these strong women time and time again: be grateful for all the little victories in life. At the same time, it takes so little to give an individual one of these little victories that makes them feel that they can face the world and thrive. As Mother Teresa said, “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love”. So, on behalf of the women of Creamos, and with all their love, I want to say Thank You to Safe Passage and our donors for the raincoats and everything else.

-Ilusión Farias

Social Entrepreneurship Coordinator


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