During the month of May, we focused on the value of tolerance. The goal was to teach the children what it means to have patience, respect, and acceptance for different cultures and people, as well as their own peers. We began the month with theater workshops, where the students created and presented scenes representing different scenarios of tolerance.

We then moved on to a drawing and painting activity where the students expressed their viewpoints of what tolerance meant to them, using colors that signified and represented tolerance in their communities.

During our third week, we used a listening activity to draw monsters. The students had to listen as the teacher slowly announced exactly how many body parts the monster had and where. This allowed students to think about some of the barriers to tolerance and also to both carefully follow their teachers' instructions and also use their creativity.

We finished out the month with the students learning about another culture while making Argentinian rain sticks!

-Elena Chernock

Creative Expression Program Coordinator

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