Nery is a student in our Educational Reinforcement Center and has been studying at Safe Passage since the year 2000 when he was just 5 years old.

Like many of our students, most of Nery’s other family members work either in or around the Guatemala City garbage dump. Nery’s older sister and brother work each day to earn less than $4 a day recycling what they can, and his dad drives one of the 900 trucks that bring waste to the dump from all over Guatemala City.

Nery’s mother Mirna, however, is in our Creamos social entreprenuership program. Thanks to one of Creamos’ many income-generating initiatives for Safe Passage mothers, Mirna makes enough money that she doesn’t have to go to the dump anymore.

Nery’s first love is music, and he would love to be a rapper writing his own songs. He understands that this might not always be the most reliable job and source of income so he studies hard in his computer classes so he can try to support himself and his family. This choice is exactly what he likes most about the program.

“I want to have a career and then have fun with music. Before I came to Safe Passage, I wouldn’t have been able to do even one of those things.”