“In Jan 1999, I visited several projects in Guatemala. I had planned to stay for a few months and wanted to support a non-profit project. I met Hanley and accompanied her for one day with the children she was helping in the little church very close to the dump. There were 19 kids enrolled in the project at that time, but more then 50 children came to the church longing for attention and love, wanting to be able to play and hoping for something to eat.

It was dusty and hot and the stench surrounded us. The kids were dirty, but they were laughing and smiling. Hanley was dedicated and warm-hearted, well organized, with a clear vision. This scene touched my heart and I decided to stay. I stayed for four months and have never stopped supporting since.

I returned home to Germany, believing in Hanley’s vision: breaking poverty through education. Children all over the world deserve a chance. Only with a good education and skills can they manage to help themselves. I decided to organize the German Friends of Camino Seguro, raising money for the project and recruiting volunteers. After Hanley’s tragic death, it was incredible to see how so many fantastic supporters from all around the world managed to keep the project going, and transform it into the professionally organized multi-national NGO that it is today.”

-Martin Wielans

German Friends of Safe Passage