"My name is Luis Solis. I started attending Safe Passage in a tiny little church in front of the garbage dump in 2000 with about fifteen other kids. I was going into the garbage dump to collect recyclables because my family was very poor and I had to help them. Hanley came to our little house and talked to us about my education. That's when I joined Safe Passage. I studied hard. I owe so much to Hanley, she saved me from the dump.  A lot of other of my friends dropped out of Safe Passage for different reasons, but their studies at Safe Passage really helped them. We have stayed friends. I focused on accounting in high school and did a "practicum" intership with the Guatemalan Congress.

When I graduated from Safe Passage in 2011, I was offered a job in the congress. That's where I work today. I love it. I make a good wage that helps my family. I am an administrative assistant and it's my responsability to write and distribute the laws that the congress is working on. I have my passport now and have traveled to the US and Panama for diplomatic work. I will be going to Honduras soon for a plenary session where we're crafting an important bi-lateral convention.

My dream in life is to graduate from university. I started my university studies recently, majoring in Law and Forensic Science. I want to be a criminologist who investigates crime scenes. I am so thankful for all that Safe Passage and Hanley have given me. Her spirit has changed my life."

-Luis Solis

Safe Passage Graduate

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