Walking up the stairs to visit the Creamos store, you can usually hear the cheerful laugh of three or four women rolling in their chairs from some small joke just made. Jeannette is usually one of the louder ones. “Before Safe Passage you wouldn’t hear us laughing like this.”

Jeannette is part of many generations of her family who have grown up with the need to work in the garbage dump. She started working collecting recyclables when she was 8 years old. By the age of 12, Jeannette was the main financial provider for her and her younger brother. Almost every day, bent Jeannette over scavenging for recyclable material – until Safe Passage came into the community.

Today Jeannette spends all of her time studying, working for Creamos and taking care of her four kids. She no longer has the time or the need to go to the dump – she’s too busy pushing her daughter and herself to graduate from high school. “If Safe Passage hadn’t come into the community, my daughter wouldn’t have the opportunity to study – she’d be in the dump with me, picking through hazardous material to make ends meet.”