"I heard about the program from my sister, who lives in Maine. She encouraged me to visit the website, which I did soon after. I was immediately moved to tears. The stories of these families, and the hardships they face every day affected me in ways that I could not ignore. I decided that day to sponsor a child.

I dreamt of visiting Safe Passage and Guatemala for many years before I finally got the courage to go. I went with an open team, because I could never convince anyone to go with me. That is when I finally met my sponsor child, Angela Limon Morales. I had been in contact with her for about 6 or 7 years at that point, but nothing could prepare me for finally meeting her. It is one thing to send money every month; but when I finally met the person I was committed to helping, everything changed. Here was an amazing young girl who wanted nothing more than to go to school and do something good with her life. She was so happy to meet me, and to hear about my life. And we had so much in common despite our circumstances. Meeting her truly changed everything for me. Now there was a real person, and a real life being changed by this amazing program. I have visited her several times over the past 4 years, and each time I go away with a renewed commitment to stay involved in the Safe Passage community. Knowing her has been so inspiring. Despite setbacks over the year, this young lady has continued her education, and continues to dream big for herself and her family. She encourages me in my own life every day to be stronger and better. She has truly made me understand the value of an education. I love being a part of her life, and am grateful that I am still able to be part of Safe Passage."

-Ginger McPherson

Child Sponsor