Daniel Antonio Gonzalez started in the little church with Hanley so long ago that he can't remember what year it was. Both of his parents worked in the garbage dump when he was a little kid and he had tried enrolling in public school but was held back a grade. "I was more interested in playing soccer than studying." Volunteers began helping him to learn and Daniel quickly began passing and excelling in school. He got extra help from volunteers in mathematics, his favorite subject. Daniel went from a family working in the dump to being a member of Safe Passage´s first ever graduating class in 2007 with a specialization in computer science.

He is now a supervisor at a call center in Zone 10(a very nice area in Guatemala City). This job allows him to earn Q2350 a month and support his wife of 3 years and their two year old son Eitan. Daniel said, "I loved having a sponsor because he would send me birthday cards or clothes and even came to visit me and took me out to eat." Now Daniel is enrolled in the Universidad Rural studying for a 6 year degree in engineering. When asked about where he wants to be in 10 years, Daniel knew the answer immediately, "I want to have my own business installing networks, both phone and internet."

-Dave Holman

Outreach and Communications Coordinator