There are some women attending Safe Passage that everyone knows. They are often the outgoing, talkative women – and then there’s Ana Rebeca.

Ana Rebeca is a quiet, sensible woman. Though only 30 years old, her big, dark eyes hide countless stories. Ana was born to parents who couldn’t read or write. She has 15 siblings. Her education was put on hold to support this large family. She grew up carrying many pounds worth of recyclable materials to her back on a daily basis.

When Safe Passage came into the community she traded in her big bag of recyclables for a big bag of books. Today you’ll often find her studying in the Adult Literacy classroom right next to her mother or in Creamos helping the women with their Excel inventory, her 6 month-old daughter strapped to her back and sleeping. A strong work ethic that helped her in the garbage dump has pushed her today to graduate from 5th grade and gain a position as a department head in Creamos.

With three generations of her family gaining their education through Safe Passage, Ana Rebeca now spends most of her time at the project. She’s become a familiar role model at Safe Passage; a quiet but proud one.

-Irma Corado

Social Entrepreneurship Assistant