It’s that time of year again at Safe Passage! The time where we celebrate with our classes who have excelled in English, Creative Expression, Sports, and Health! Safe Passage students receive scores in their extra-curricular activities for their demonstration of 5 important values: participation, respect, responsibility, honesty, and

collaboration. After three months, we award the most successful classes with fun and educational activities!

This year, we had the great pleasure of working with a dynamic and high-energy group from South Burlington High School! This group of 10 high school students and 2 bubbly chaperones jumped into the celebrations and got our kids fired up about their prizes! To celebrate the third prize activities, the Support Team planned various team building activities that had the kids “yeeeehawing” and working as a team to pass “the pulse.”

For the second prize celebration, five classes of our older students ascended the steps of the gym to find a bumping sound system and a dancing competition. Our MCs handed out prizes and, with some encouragement by the SBHS group, got all the students up and dancing!

Finally, with the generous support of Shared Beat and the SBHS group, the two winning classes went on the best 1st prize excursion yet! Body Worlds, the exhibit of real human bodies preserved using a special process called plastination, is here in Guate just for a short time and we thought this was something the kids just had to see! The students were all wide-eyed afterwards saying that it was one of the most interesting things they had ever experienced.

After they toured the exhibit, the students and Support Team regrouped and, strapping on brightly colored bowling shoes, claimed lanes at the bowling alley. The students loved slinging balls down the lane and hanging out with the lively SBHS group. The activity finished with a pizza lunch before we traveled back to the main building and said goodbye to the students!

Students, staff, and volunteers agree: this was the best celebration week yet! Do you have a group that you’d like to bring down to celebrate with us next time? We’re looking for an energetic group to join us in awarding our next winning classes in mid-October! If you’re interested please contact our Support Team Coordinators at