The saturday street art club, led by art teacher Sami Dardas, ended the year with a collaborative project.  Always wanting to make their own pieces, the students were pushed to work together and learn how to mesh multiple types of styles to create one incredible piece.  The workshop started out with an activity in which all 6 participants began with a large piece of paper.  Each person works on the piece for

20 minutes, using a variety of styles such as acylic paint, water colors, markers, and pens.  When their 20 minutes are up, they pass the piece of art to the person on their right to continue with whatever style they should choose.  In the end, we ended up with 6 incredibly original pieces.

After this activity, the student sat down and created a mural for the wall behind the basketball courts.  Again, having to combine very different styles into one cohesive mural.  After two saturdays worth of work, the court now has a new mural representing the students take on sports, art, and play.

-Elena Chernock

Creative Expression Coordinator